Building on the guidelines set by the professional trail building industry, CTD takes their training above and beyond to incorporate local and regional conditions to ensure that the lessons taught in our workshops directly apply to your local setting. While many of the principles carry over from one locale to another, planning, building and maintaining trail in the Cascades is not the same as the Piedmont.

Hands on workshops help build confidence and allow people to feel comfortable working in an outdoor environment safely. Understanding the roles that different tools play in the process can help with efficiency and safety. Craig and Alex have honed their leadership skills working with volunteers across the United States for IMBA, the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and CTD.


From learning about the essential elements of sustainable trails to designing your "dream trail" this workshop is for you. Train local volunteers and land managers on how to build, design, and maintain sustainable singletrack.

This workshop involves a three hour presentation, followed by three hours of hands-on training in the field. Before the workshop, CTD will help you plan and design a section of trail ranging from 500-1,000 feet where participants will put their classroom training to the test. 

CTD is also highly skilled in mechanized trail building, pump track and skills area construction, as well building boardwalks and bridges. If you are interested in training your volunteers or staff in any of these areas, please contact us about designing a training course that meets your needs.


CTD's maintenance workshops focus on how to maintain what you have. Across the country, miles and miles of trails are in a state of disrepair. This course will train local volunteers and land managers on how to maintain sustainable trail treads and safe corridors; utilize armoring techniques for steep terrain, water crossings, and technical trail features; install rolling grade dips and knicks; and more.


Need help setting goals for your local club?  CTD has experience from around the country facilitating club development workshops that are focused around setting goals and specific actions to help communities achieve their vision.