Craig possesses a lifelong passion for bringing communities together through trail development. This passion ultimately led him to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning, with a specialization in land use planning from Florida State University. Craig has nearly a decade of experience designing, planning, and constructing natural surface trail systems for non-profit organizations such as IMBA and the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, as well as local governments across the U.S.

Most notably, Craig had the pleasure of serving as IMBA’s traveling Trail Care Crew, a sustainable trail education program that provides training for local advocacy organizations. Learn more about Craig's story here.



Alex is Craig's other half in life and business. She also holds a master's degree in urban planning. She has experience working in both the public and private sector as a transportation planner, and had the pleasure of serving as IMBA's traveling Trail Care Crew with Craig. Alex brings a variety of skills and expertise to CTD, from facilitating public workshops to preparing maps and graphics for trail planning and design. Alex has also spent countless hours out in the field working with Craig.

While Alex's current 9-5 job revolves around long-range planning for the City of Charlotte, you can find her working with Craig on the weekends building trails and helping facilitate at trainings and workshops.